Beef is Best of the meats {vlog}

Beef is Best of the meats {vlog}

In today’s VLOG – we chat about meats, and why we feel good ‘ole red meat (beef) is the best of the best!

We’ve been “carnivore light” for quite a while now. In fact, we’re getting better at it by the day. Our temptations for carbs, while still there – have been kept in check quite well. We won’t even eat a tasty kernel of buttery popcorn we make for our family. As the saying goes “I’m getting stronger!”

But meat is a different story altogether.

Meat is the go-to, and often the ONLY food that is eaten for people in the carnivore-light zone. True carnivores eat ONLY meat.

There is a big difference – to us at least.

We noted a while back that chicken didn’t sit well with us. Can’t explain exactly what the issue is – but we just felt “off.”

But other meats, like pork and ham (and especially bacon), do not throw us off.

However, we noticed an interesting trend as of late. That perhaps pork and ham also fall into a questionable category.

Specifically, it’s about the AMOUNT we eat. When eating pork chops or a cooked ham slab – we most certainly eat as if we’re “ravenous.” One-piece after another.

And I have a theory about why.

You need your fat. Fat satiates!

Most of the ground beef we cook is either 80% fat or lower (sometimes 73%).

While much of that fat “cooks off,” if you prepare your meat thick and “medium rare,” much of that fat remains.

The pork chops and ham loins are usually in the high 96% lean and higher levels. Almost pure protein. And while protein isn’t bad when eaten moderately – can be an issue if over-consumed (will turn to sugar – then fat – in your body naturally).

Plus – it’s the FAT that seems to signal your body you’ve had enough.

We don’t know what the dopey medical journals say – or whatever corrupt tests or “studies” say. We just know what we personally feel.

This is why we will forever prefer eating a good fatty chunk of red meat over any other option.

(Note that we will certainly try to ADD extra fat to our non-beef dishes in the future. Because while porky pig may not be ideal – we really love the taste. Does anyone have any good ideas on how to “beef up” (pun intended) the fat levels of lean pork or ham? A cream soup perhaps?)

That’s it for today’s low-carb, keto, carnivore discussion. Please follow us for more!

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