Binge eating is a faint memory on low carb {VLOG}

Binge eating is a faint memory on low carb {VLOG}

In today’s VLOG – we’ll share our crazy memories of what “binge eating” was like before we understood what sugar (carbs) does to our body. Sugar Blues is a good book to have in your library.

  • Drinking – beer
  • hunger pangs – less judgment
  • PIZZA – LOTS OF IT (bread etc)
  • Obesity
  • ALL FOODS WERE CARB BASED (sandwiches, starches, sugary dips and sauces, burgers, fries, pizza)
  • Chips, crunch, empty calories, mindless eating (cutting out TV helps a LOT)
  • The worst of them all? CONSTANT HUNGER AND CRAVINGS FOR ALL OF THE ABOVE. We were NEVER satiated and always wanted to eat.
  • And don’t forget those AWFUL “diet” drinks – which ALSO contributed to the constant need to eat.

Today it is just 100% low carb foods – mostly meat. We usually follow at least the 16/8 or 18/6 rule – and are often OMAD (one meal a day) or occasionally even a full day fast.

It’s easy because food is not always on our minds.

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