About NJ Route 22 East (Zone)

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About NJ Route 22 East (Zone)

This is the area from the start of Route 22 in Newark, NJ – about 21 miles west up to the Mountain Avenue area in Bound Brook.  This is the most densely populated section, as well as with the most retail outlets.

If you have suggestions for some “diamonds in the rough,” please email njroute22@gmail.com!

However, it’s also the slowest in terms of travel time, due to the multitude of traffic signals, overall vehicular volume, and the number of commercial businesses. Frenzied, at times!

But our main objective in this region is to find diamonds in the rough.

Because most regular visitors on this stretch are probably already set in their ways and routines. You know the deal, I’m sure!

And travelers just looking get to their destination further to the east or west of this stretch will likely take faster routes (such as Route 78).

We will (try) to find ways to hit up this area on purpose. Good luck to us!


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