Most of the civilized world is “cutting the cord” – at least of their old school “home phones.” The days of the phone company monopolies are over, and people are voluntarily using the wireless phone company monopolies instead (hint: Use Mint Mobile like us – it’s only $180 per year for cell service).

There are reasons why some folks still have landline phones. Whether it’s for security systems, bad cell service in their neighborhood or even “VoIP” (voice over IP). We still keep our landline because of spotty wireless service.

But most, if not all commercially available landline “cordless phones” are utterly AWFUL.

Ergonomics of common cordless phones are the WORST ever

Not sure how many people remember holding a phone between their ear and shoulders. But that was how most people became “hands-free” back in the day. And you didn’t see an epidemic of neck injuries either – the way now people have neck injuries from slumping over on their phones – or thumb injuries from “swiping” their mobile smartphones.

The modern cordless landline phones – regardless of the cost – the cheapest all the way up to ridiculously priced high-end models – are all EXACTLY THE SAME. Go to any store. Best Buy. Walmart. PC Richard. It doesn’t matter. All the same stupid shape.

Like a slippery bar of soap.

You cannot naturally hold the cordless phone between your ear and shoulder anymore unless you get a spine-hinge installed in your neck. And we’re not doing that. Nor will we add plastic implements or use headsets. We don’t talk enough to warrant the added complication. We just want a phone that felt the same as the old school Bell phones from days past.

But there is some hope.

Good quality ergonomic cordless phones are very hard to find

We’ve had a little bit of luck hunting down a phone we can use at home – and COMFORTABLY rest on our shoulders. But it’s getting harder by the day to find them.

Our first good find were cordless phones from a company called SwissVoice.

Excellent ergonomics – most comfortable cordless phone we’ve ever used.

The handsets had great ergonomics. We didn’t care about features or other bells and whistles. We wanted to be able to answer calls, and dial phone numbers. It did well.

But the things don’t last, and often break when you slam the phone after yet another stupid conversation with dumb people.

The phones used to be widely available on places like Amazon and eBay – but now are increasingly hard to find – and when you do, they’re very costly. The company seems to have switched directions, and now makes phones for elderly or blind people. What a bummer.

Another phone we just recently got was from a company called iDect.

The iDect “Eclipse” cordless phone has a very futuristic look. It’s curved and is better than the bars of soap phones, but doesn’t compare to the comfort of the SwissVoice phones. But the sound quality and overall build is pretty good. We scored a two-pack for just $16 on eBay.

There is one last hope as well.

The iDect “Solo” cordless phone. It’s cheap as heck. Under $30 for a “twin pack” as well. Looks a bit flimsy, but may be sufficient enough to meet the “ergonomic” pre-requisite. Heck, with free returns at Amazon, we may just give it a shot anyway.

Why have all electronics become homogenized?

The same goes for computer keyboards. We like ergonomic ones (Microsoft makes the best.) They’re so much better for the health of your joints and hands! And even those are fading away. We should buy a couple spares if we can find them cheap.

When we look at most of the consumer products out there, it appears they’re all being made in the same Chinese factories – just with different brand names and packages. Kind of crazy if you ask us.

Like why aren’t stupid cell phones ergonomic? Like with finger-cutouts, or other curves? Why do they all have to be thin slabs? That annoys us!

I wouldn’t be surprised if there wasn’t one massive factory somewhere in the world that makes everything.

Everything lame!

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