When does “social distancing” become “social closeness” again?

Quick question here – now that most people have literally become “conditioned” by “social distancing” (which sounds eerily similar to “social conditioning”) – get back to “normal?”

A lot of BS news outlets like uttering the phrase “the new normal,” haven’t you seen?

They want you to think this is the way it will be.

But what strikes us – is how do people want to be informed when it is “okay” to just go to the store without a stupid mask?

Or will we wear masks forever?

I think a lot of people will be afraid for a long time – and wear masks (just like they do in Japan) regardless of what anyone says. They’re just scared “lab rats” that cannot understand the world or the human body.

Fear rules the world

Now that this “pandemic” (which wasn’t nearly as bad as “they” said) is dwindling – it will be interesting to watch what “society” (a better phrase is lemmings) does about it.

We watch people prolifically.

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