Coming soon to the “Promenade” of Bridgewater is a brand new Trader Joe’s supermarket.

Trader Joe’s doesn’t really have much representation in the coverage area.

There are a couple on the eastern zone – like one in Millburn, NJ – and another in Westfield, NJ. We tend to focus more on the central and western areas, so we don’t get out there much. There is another in Florham Park, NJ (which we like).

But in the area of Route 287 and west – ZERO locations!

The new Trader Joe’s in Bridgewater, NJ will affect Whole Foods at Chimney Rock

We mentioned recently how we wondered how Whole Foods in Bridgewater, NJ surivies. It’s always sparsely occupied. We suspected Amazon keeps these non-profitable stores in operation for posterity and market dominance (i.e., taking any money away from other businesses is “good.”)

But while we’re not particularly fond of Trader Joe’s anymore since going Carnivore – we definitely would choose them over Whole Foods. Note that we used to be avid supporters of Trader Joe’s – especially when we were unhealthy and loved snacks. But we never were fans of their shoddy packaging.

And this may present a REAL problem for Whole Foods finally.


Because it’s just a mile away.

It won’t take long for a good percentage of shoppers to migrate to Trader Joe’s instead of Whole Foods. Especially people who like saving money.

Competition is good

I doubt Trader Joe’s will cause Whole Foods to close (unless they truly get hammered with declining sales).

At the very least – it’s quite possible that the competition may result in Whole Foods adjusting their prices. That is if they have good business sense. On the other hand, it’s quite possible they’ll do the opposite – and raise prices for remaining shoppers even more. Stuff like that has happened before.

Not sure. But we look forward to checking the new Trader Joe’s of Bridgewater out when they open. We’re not sure of the date – but we suspect before year’s end.

Trader Joe’s of Bridgewater, NJ – Map

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