You need a car on NJ Route 22

For the most part – NJ Route 22, and almost all the surrounding areas require access to a motor vehicle.

While there are small pockets of “walkable” sections here and there (like a “downtown”), and maybe some cities that have higher walkability scores (like Morristown, North Plainfield or Westfield), they will never compare to densely populated walkable cities like NYC, who also have world-class mass-transit.

Speaking of socialized transportation, about the only substantial method of traveling without a car along Route 22 – is the NJ Transit Raritan Valley Line, which leaves a lot to be desired in terms of convenience.

But even the cities around that are more walkable than others – would feel very confining if you didn’t have a set of wheels.

Having a car is freedom

We love driving. To go wherever we want – at any time. Without waiting for a scheduled arrival, and especially for not being dependent on others.

Yes, Uber and Lyft are in use, especially in the denser areas, and even out in the NJ Route 22 West Zone and NJ Route 22 Central Zone. So not having a car is not entirely impossible, but quite limiting.

Plus with ride-sharing, you sort of need a destination ahead of time. So “sight-seeing” or finding some new road to explore is just not in the cards.

you need a car on nj route 22 for sure

Good timing makes for good trips

The absolute best time to do anything along Route 22 – especially in the NJ Route 22 East Zone – is during off-peak hours. Preferably mid-day during the week.

But many people do in fact work during the weekdays, thus limiting their ability to take advantage of that easy travel time (other than on days off).

For those people – the best time is after rush hour has subsided (typically after 7 pm or 8 pm). But I suspect there are a considerable number of them who are simply tired from their work day or just want to plop on the couch to binge-watch programming the rest of the night.

Otherwise, getting things accomplished EARLY in the mornings on weekends is probably the next best option. But not every person is the morning type, right?

Populated cities have fewer drivers

This is precisely why more densely-populated cities attract certain people. Not everyone can afford a car, and associated upkeep maintenance and insurance. Particularly in the eastern portion of – which has a train line running along Route 28 much of the way.

Those types of cities are also known for having many more apartments for rent than in the sparsely-populated rural regions that have homes with large lots.

The demographic disparity is clear to see. You ever notice how many utterly convenient apartment buildings sprouted up in close proximity to all the train stations?

Many people want space and privacy

There is much debate about city living vs. rural living. A substantial number of NJ residents prefer the “living close to others” approach. Walkable cities. Easy transportation. The ability to travel without a car. Hence, they flock to those semi-urban centers to meet their personal and psychological preferences. That’s okay – to each their own.

However, there are also a significant number of NJ residents that want to be AWAY from the hectic urban environments (along with the higher statistical chance of running into some undesirables).

Those people do not mind having property acreage, peace, and quiet. Sure, the social dynamics are very different. And often can require physical labor to maintain a property you call your own.

But that’s the beauty of rural living. A true sense of responsibility and accomplishment for your own living. It does something for your soul to have something important to take care of. Instead of calling some building manager, or expecting others to do it for you.

However, each choice comes with monumental pros and cons. No one style of living suits every person. Everyone is different.

But one thing is for sure – you need a car on NJ Route 22.

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