Selective Closings during the crisis of 2020

Anyone with half a brain is likely shaking their head in regards to the ridiculous chain of “mandated” events over the past six or so months. Especially in regards to what can be open – and what is “ordered” closed in New Jersey and beyond.

Without getting into the utter nonsense this ENTIRE situation or crisis is or is not, let’s instead see the hypocrisy in all these various edicts concerning what businesses can be open and others that cannot.

  • No church
  • No funerals
  • OK to protest
  • OK to shop at Walmart
  • No gyms
  • OK to eat outside
  • No eating inside
  • OK to shop at billion-dollar chains
  • No shopping at mom and pop stores

The lunacy here makes zero sense. This fake “distancing” thing and the concept of “germs” and so-on is beyond hysterical. Nothing adds up.

Crisis by design – Sad, but true

This cannot be happening because people overall believe it. The psychos at the “top of the pyramid” are the ones who have carefully crafted this scenario to unfold. When you control most of the media, and every other “official” institution (gov’t, pharma, influencers, hospitals, finance, etc.) the “narrative” can be cohesive and utter the same scary propaganda. So similar that it sounds scripted.

It becomes even clearer when dissenting voices (as well as proven facts to the contrary) get BANNED from getting traction on most “major” social media channels.

Those desperate to peddle the accepted doomsday narrative love using phrases like “the science is settled.” That means they are unwilling to have a public debate – because they will get destroyed. Along with their financial and/or power-driven control.

Don’t even get us started about the other manufactured issues happening as well (racism, equality, etc.).

Many people believe this entire global calamity was by design. The human mind, despite countless resources that accurately show how it happens – is still easily manipulated. At what point will humanity ever be able to grow beyond “FEAR?”

If only everyone read and understood Buddhism or similar Zen-inspired philosophies. We’d never have these problems again.

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