Please consider trying Hyaluronic Acid

A quick public service announcement (based on our own personal experience). Hyaluronic Acid. In pill form. One of the best “miracles” to come out of the supplement industry ever.

Please consider trying Hyaluronic Acid

Our understanding of Hyaluronic Acid (see the link to our favorite brand) is that it basically “lubricates” and “cushions” your joints in your body.

The experience we’ve had with this is profound. When we just take one pill per day – we have practically ZERO pain or discomfort walking, working, and moving in general. We feel 17 years old. All-day long too! We’re not “touting” this for any other reason other than sharing something profoundly awesome to as many people as we can!

Do you know what happens when we run out for whatever reason? Instant pain or discomfort. Immediately noticeable that we have an “issue.”

We have been taking Hyaluronic Acid for a better part of the past 15 years. It works immediately. The first dose.

I highly recommend you do research on it – or at the very least try a bottle of the Hyaluronic Acid that we use daily. You’d be frickin’ amazed at how incredible it is.

Note that the beauty industry uses this wonderful compound prolifically as well – for superficial reasons. But we recommend the capsule format 100%.

This is in our TOP TWO most necessary supplements we take. The other is Gingko Biloba – which is also profound in aiding in mental acuity. We have many others – but none as noticeably effective as those two.

Hope you enjoyed this tip.

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