Meet the Aussies – Sonny and Ocho

We’re starting a new video series for on YouTube called The Life of Two Australian Shepherds we adopted in January 2019.

Two boys named Sonny (the lighter one) and Ocho.

Our goal is to film and publish a new (brief) video each Friday documenting the progress these to beautiful Aussies are making. Today’s video is a bit of an introduction to the series. The subsequent videos will be much briefer.

We’re guessing that once they reach a year or so old – weekly updates may become less dramatic and may switch over to monthly updates for fun.

Meet the Aussies – Sonny and Ocho {Australian Shepherd Puppies} 10 WEEKS OLD

We’ll try to tell a bit of a story as the series progresses – as it’s probably too much to swallow in one sitting.

So expect more like “home movie” clips instead of fancy, highly edited clips.

For the purpose of simplicity – in our inaugural video – let’s just say they’re 10 WEEKS OLD. It may be off by a day or two or three – but we have to settle on a nice round number.

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