Label your power adapters! {vlog}

Label your power adapters! {vlog}

In today’s VLOG – we’ll share a simple trick that took us too long to put into motion.

You know those little black power adapters most people probably have lying around their house? Some people have more than others. But we have a lot.

And over time, they start to distance themselves from their “host” device. And you might end up having a box full of them.

In most cases – they’re never clearly identified WHICH device they belong to. Why to this day, has this been overlooked? Some *MIGHT* have the brand name on it – but in most cases, it’s just some obscure Chinese name.

Our hack for power adapters

We just recently began LABELING the power adapters. If you know what they “pair” with – then put that on your label. Can be something as easy as a piece of tape or paint marker. Or you can get fancy and use a label maker.

If you have a bunch of “unknown” adapters but don’t want to throw out “just in case,” then label them with the voltage and current draw capacity (in mV or volts). Also important – and most people don’t comprehend is the POLARITY of the wires. That little diagram says what the “tip” is. It’s either positive tip – or negative tip. Has to match your device.

This way – if you have to rifle through a box of these – you can quickly identify the one that has the specs you need.

The best bet is to label the adapters the MINUTE you open the box for the first time.

If push comes to shove – they make multi-voltage DC power adapters with various tip sizes you can use for any device. Always good to have one of those “all in one” on hand just in case.

Have fun being organized and see you next video!

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