Green Brook Electronics – moving!

Green Brook Electronics – moving to North Plainfield!

The span covers is vast. About 1,000 square miles. And our coverage is purely organic for the most part. Not “breaking news” type nonsense that myself included have been wrapped up in years past. Our methodology here is what we encounter in our regular daily lives. Not particularly searching for viral content, although there may be a time and a place for that in the future. But in this case – it’s kind of cool. A business called Green Brook Electronics.

A truly “retro” store that brings back memories of the old Radio Shack days of the 80’s and before.

I actually mentioned Radio Shack as a reference this week to the owner(?) Tom, and he asked me if that was an insult. He mentioned “cell phone store.” I said no, the “Old Radio Shack. Back when employees soldered and fixed customers products right there in the store.” I told him how I was a top national salesperson for Radio Shack back then, and how we loved the DIY aspect most of our customers had. Those days are over. With the exception of places like Green Brook Electronics.

New Location in North Plainfield, NJ

Anyway, without getting into too much – Green Brook Electronics is moving to 945 US-22 West, North Plainfield, NJ 07060 this month. If you need to get in touch with them call them at 732-968-3500.

Their new location is three times as large as their previous location (in which they were there for over four decades!)

They’ll have new services and products at this location, as well as even classes to help people learn the “how to” of many aspects of the electronic world we live in.


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