Colonial Square Mall

Colonial Square Mall – Green Brook, NJ

The Route 22 Eastern Zone probably has the highest concentration of strip malls anywhere in the world. That is why we have an entire series dedicated to Strip Malls. 

The inaugural entry into that category is the Colonial Square Mall in Green Brook, NJ. It’s located at 299 Route 22 East. But what good does that do without a point of reference? See the map below.

An interesting collection of stores and food establishments. 18 retail spots in total.

  • Perkins Family Restaurant
  • Pool Tables Plus
  • Healthmate Hot Tubs
  • Clockhouse
  • The Vaccum Depo
  • HTG Audio Video
  • Elite Battlegrounds
  • (empty)
  • Kid to Kid
  • H&R Block
  • Sun Kissed Tanning Spa
  • One Main Financial
  • (empty – was Giardino Pizza)
  • Ski Jewelry
  • Maximum Athletics
  • Arthur Murray Dance Center
  • Harmon Discount
  • Jesus Book & Gift Store

And the last time we were there – the hot tub place had a tent display in the middle of the parking lot.

What is particularly compelling about the Colonial Square Mall – is that it’s not entirely filled with super-chains. A good portion is simply just local business-people with their own brands. While it’s not “Rodeo Drive” kinds of shops – many of them are quite practical!

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