After decades of having an extreme interest in the weather in and around New Jersey – we have to tell everyone to STOP worrying about it!

NO ONE can predict the weather exactly – please stop trying!

Something has happened with the advent of technology.

It has literally made weather forecasting WORSE.

That sounds a bit contradictory, no? Shouldn’t advanced technology make things like “precisely” accurate? Haha!

Not the case. It seems that all these advancements have made forecasting almost dangerously worse. We recall just 10 years ago, how all the weather models and forecasting tools were pretty damn good.

Now we have “apps” that (try to) predict “block by block” weather, “minute by minute” forecasts, and much more.

For some reason, the “errors” today seem as regular as the sunrise.

You can't predict the EXACT weather! Please stop!

People worry too much – and DEMAND too much, too!

When we grew up – forecasts were very “general.” You know what I’m talking about.

“Chance of rain”
“Possible storm”

That was the brunt of it. They told you of the potential – but nothing more.


Because they couldn’t.

And they still can’t!

You can't predict the EXACT weather! Please stop!

Technology falsely leads people to think they know it all

Today’s forecasting models and weather satellites are the most advanced ever.

Yet they seem to be the least skilled too!

Each and every new storm that “threatens” a particular area appears to create more HYPE and WORRY than they do accurate assessments!

For whatever reason (we suspect thick-headedness), the models have become worse than ever.

You can't predict the EXACT weather! Please stop!

EGO plays a huge role in weather forecast errors

These days – it looks to us like people want “recognition” for “calling” a storm accurately.

So the ego is now dictating the weather news. As well as fear and other “headline-selling” lunacy.

Weather forecasters (as well as social media weather “celebrities”) think they are “AUTHORITIES” when it comes to the unknown science of predictions. Because they use “weather models” that are literally all over the map. (If you ever looked at models – they contradict themselves beyond belief. Almost like saying “anything can happen!”)

And of course – the “worry” of inclement weather (that was what storms used to be called when we were in elementary school), has now reached epic levels in society.

Tweets, re-tweets, and other scary news of “armageddon” from mother nature – is an easy sell for most weak humans.

This is exactly why weather forecasting has “jumped the shark.”

You can't predict the EXACT weather! Please stop!


A person with a normal mind can assess things fairly well. When we look at the same models the hype-selling “mainstream” weather dweebs use, we most often conclude: “Uncertain what will happen exactly.”

NO ONE can say “well – this is going to happen!”

Most often – many weather “nerds” use something called “wishcasting,” which is their forecasts based on what they WANT to happen. (Hint: many humans enjoy when things out of the ordinary happen – such as trouble for friends, or in this case – “troubling” weather events.) It’s like a sick kind of perversion. Same as rubber-necking on the highway.

Ideally – weather forecasts should simply talk about what the potentials are. Both low-end and high-end.

“There is a possible chance that severe weather may hit our area. Such as heavy precipitation, lightning, and strong winds. But you may not be in that area – but be prepared just in case. We DO NOT KNOW WHERE OR WHEN.”

But they try to over-analyze – and that most often results in the majority of what they say – does not come to fruition. At an alarming rate of inaccuracy (like the storm from early December.)

Lastly – weather used to be just an obstacle – not the main event

When we grew up – the weather was rarely a “show-stopper.” Even with major blizzards, we recall family members traveling long-distances on the roads (no 4×4) nonetheless.

Adventures, sure. Life-threatening conundrums they were not.

In other words – the weather was just something to push out of the way like an annoying crowd or begging homeless person. You moved on to what you intended to do. The weather RARELY affected what your “plans” were. You did what you needed or wanted to do. Fuck the weather.

Nowadays – people instantly change their plans because of “bad weather.” Stores and businesses close early at the drop of a flurry. And we cannot imagine why.

Actually, we know why – we just don’t do that. People are literally conditioned and are made “afraid” of the big, bad, weather – because of the hype on mainstream news and social media.

Everyone is so overly-cautious and afraid in 2019, 2020 and beyond – it’s pathetic. If some person was cryogenically frozen 100 years ago and came back today to see what has happened with society – they’d quickly want to be re-frozen.

Society needs to find the pair they lost.

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