We’ve been a bit of a critic when it comes to the Whole Foods Market. Fair game when it comes to consumer markets, right?

In general – we feel their prices are steep, the marketing dishonest, and the overall “feel” of the business to be based more on buzzwords and trending health topics than ACTUAL quality and benefits to humanity. And no, I don’t think their “environmental” aspects are worth anything.

But there are some good deals at Whole Foods, believe it or not!

Regardless of our generally negative opinions about Whole Foods – that doesn’t mean they never have some good deals that we can take advantage of.

I’ll point one out today.

They have ORGANIC peeled garlic for a profoundly excellent price. $1.99 per bag of 6 oz. peeled garlic.

That is around 75% less than other stores (non) organic peeled garlic.

And it tasted great.

They don’t last forever – even in vacuum-sealed packaging, so you have to use them promptly.

But that’s our Whole Foods Tip of the Day. (yet another new category here on NJroute22.com.)

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