“Someone got me sick!” {VLOG}

“Someone got me sick!” {VLOG}

In today’s NJroute22.com VLOG – we talk about the days when people used to say “someone got me sick.”

You got a cold. Sometimes a fever. Perhaps even the FLU!

People got sick – and then they got over it. Literally and figuratively.

Today? That’s not really the case now, is it? It’s a major scary crisis!

Nothing wrong with getting sick and healing.

Almost everyone didn’t think twice about getting sick. They just lived their lives – and dealt with it. Sure, there were some people that were paranoid – but they were most certainly in the very small minority.

Today? It seems that PARANOIA is the epidemic as well!

“But it hard to breathe!” (Remember congestion?)

So many people forgot – that when you get sick, you often get what they used to call “chest congestion.” Entire aisles at the supermarket or pharmacy were dedicated to symptom-relieving remedies that addressed chest congestion specifically.

Today people are terrified that it’s a bit harder to breathe when you have a bad cold or flu. It was quite common to have a “nasty cold. People seem to have forgotten – and now this new thing is like it’s never happened before.

Do you see what happened, literally overnight? It’s insane how the mindset of an entire population can be changed so fast.

Yet – if you look at statistics – or even better, just around your neighborhood – things don’t appear much different, other than some new “clothing accessories” that people have.

Don’t live in fear. Turn off your TV – and try to focus on other things.

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