We here at NJroute22.com don’t particularly like getting into divisive politics. However, we do enjoy logic and common sense. So pointing out hypocrisies and other nonsense seems right. Hence this brief guest post and sensible video. Where do you draw the line on the hysteria in our connected world of individuals (and groupthink?)

We’re hoping that at some point in the (near) future – all that is seemingly coming to a furious boil – can be reduced at least to a slow simmer.

More Mad Political Correctness

via Monty Pelerin’s World

A recent post on mad political correctness drew reader response so more mad political correctness is available in the video below.

The fact that this movement has any following makes one think that schools should be closed permanently. If this kind of thinking is the result of schools, get rid of them. Probably a better idea would be to turn them over to local or private entities.

Oh, sorry. The Democrat Party would not allow that. They need to control what you are told. More importantly, doing so might make it possible to escape their plantation (undoubtedly a word that must be erased from the dictionary).

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