Carbs lead to more carbs – Don’t do it! {VLOG}

Carbs always lead to more carbs – listen to your body

We recently had a post about “cheat days,” and today’s VLOG is just two examples of how even the smallest amount of refined carbohydrates will negatively affect you, your mind, and your body.

  • With Thanksgiving just a month or two ago, we took a nice prepared meal to my father’s house. We weren’t planning on eating, but couldn’t resist the green beans. We “accidentally” got some stuffing on our plate – and took just a bite or two. Just that little amount of bready carbs messed with our “appetite” sensation for a day or two.
  • The same thing happened when I made Tikki Masala Rice for my family. I took just two spoonfuls for taste – and almost immediately “wanted” more. I could have shoveled the whole bowl down if I didn’t exercise restraint.

Bottom line is that blood-sugar raising carbs – in almost ANY format – radically affect your appetite centers. And you WILL lose control.

It’s an uncomfortable feeling. And by going carnivore / zero carb – you can really pick up on that.

So be careful – even little “bites” can open a door you do not want to go through. You will regret it later!

Stay strong!

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