When it comes to what many consider “Christmas Overload,” there are many varying viewpoints you can have. It’s definitely not as black and white as one might suspect.

Our feelings have changed considerably over the years. In fact, other than simple social commentary and observations – it really doesn’t bother us anymore.

Why? Because we don’t let it.

However, there are still points to ponder.

This is America – Let the markets decide Christmas {Capitalism}

One part of us – despite the truly annoying aspect of seeing Xmas decorations in stores many months before Christmas – thinks this is natural in a free society.

We suppose that in order for businesses to “compete” with one another, major retail stores have decided to believe that whoever is “first” will gain some kind of economic advantage over others. So progressively, the start of the holiday season has gotten earlier and earlier. Like a game of leapfrog.

And we’re okay with that because the market should (or can) respond (if it wants to). If people are sick of seeing Christmas decorations in AUGUST, September, or October, they should (on paper) respond by not doing business there. At least that is how it used to work.

But that hasn’t worked yet. It appears that while customers may complain, no one has sent any real messages with their wallets yet.

Our suspicion is that most customers are literally NUMB to almost all of it by now.

How programmed are the people anyway?

We also suspect that this non-stop marketing from all angles (TV, radio, print, social media, websites, billboards, etc.) has literally programmed the masses.

Back in our youth – Christmas “season” really didn’t begin until the first week of December. Sort of like the Advent Calendar. We didn’t even have “Black Friday” back in the day. NO ONE went shopping the day after Thanksgiving. It just wasn’t a thing!

So in the past 40 years, the “rush” for holiday shoppers has slowly increased. Especially in the past decade. It seemed to peak a few years ago, with many folks dialing back the madness. The unstable economy – along with the ease of online shopping has helped reduce the insanity somewhat. And mocking people who wait on line for Made in China junk that will soon be obsolete is very entertaining.

Christmas Overload diminishes it all

What is sad, in our opinion – is that the repetitive consumerism overload does something to everyone.

It truly dilutes and diminishes whatever meaning it may have had. Whether you consciously let it affect you or not.

The non-stop imagery and sounds, even if you try to ignore it – infiltrates your brain one way or another (i.e., subconsciously). The meaning of Christmas has been crowded out with superficiality.

In the end, we wish this season would go back to simpler times. Subtle, instead of “in your face.” People now even try to out-do one another with outlandish decorations in their homes. That is ego speaking, not the love.

Perhaps one day.

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