Why regular people benefit the most from low-carb {VLOG}

Why regular people benefit the most from low-carb {VLOG}

If you’re an average person with a regular life – then YOU benefit the most from Low-carb! In today’s NJroute22.com VLOG – we break it down simply.

We’ve done tons of videos about low carb. Even so much as to pretty much say there is only one thing you need to do – and that is NEVER RAISE YOUR BLOOD SUGAR. That is it! That’s the sole rule to abide by.

However, we see tons of videos from influencers, fitness “gurus” and much more.

They’re all “fit” and have the nerve to say you can “EAT WHAT YOU WANT.”

We couldn’t disagree more.

The majority of people in this country – are just PLAIN VANILLA people with no outstanding fitness schedule or regimens.

In other words – they don’t even come close to “breaking the plane” on benefiting from their fitness activity to make a major-league impact on their physical appearance. Even people like us who work our asses off maintaining our property. A drop in the bucket overall.

So what we’re essentially saying is – that unless you become borderline obsessive AND dedicated with your workouts – YOU DO HAVE TO WATCH WHAT YOU EAT – and that almost exclusively means LOW CARB or CARNIVORE.

FOR those “AVERAGE” people.

No single lifestyle change other than LOW CARB or CARNIVORE will have a greater impact. NOT ONE. NOT EVER.

So unless you are convinced you can physically work out WELL – for like 20+ hours per week – save your time and effort – just eat meat and watch your body transform.

Maybe when you’ve plateaued – and want to truly take it to the next level – perhaps you can seriously think about a bonafide physical fitness regimen.

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