Simple low-carb carnivore snack {VLOG}

Simple low-carb carnivore snack {Pork Rind Nachos}

Today’s VLOG is about what is likely one of the best snack ideas a low-carb or carnivore person might want.

But before we get started – it’s important to note that when you are doing low-carb or carnivore correctly – you will RARELY ever even think about a snack.

We believe that “snacking” is a phenomenon that comes along with poor eating choices. When you eat too many carbs with each meal – it will raise your blood sugar levels, and actually create a desire to snack in-between meals. That is called hunger in plain terms.

The concept of “three meals a day” is ridiculous once you’ve perfected your low-carb or carnivore regimen. You usually can get away with fewer, and eventually – the entire premise of “meal time” starts to lose its necessity. Seasoned low-carbers like us have dropped “mealtime” entirely. You just eat when required – regardless of time. While that causes issues especially if others in your family are accustomed to “mealtime,” you just have to deal with it. You often become “OMAD.”

But that does not mean that you do not experience a random bout of hunger. It happens occasionally, as your body does sometimes “ask” for more fuel – especially if you’ve been more active recently.

Normally – we plan ahead – and almost always have “leftovers” of our previous few meals. That typically includes lots of already-cooked bacon, and many times burgers or steak as well.

If we are low on leftovers, we often hit up the egg and cheese inventory we have, which are all excellent choices.

Sometimes (not too often) – we do want a “crispity cruchity” snack (recalling marketing of days past). And corn or potato chips and other garbage are out TOTALLY of the question. This is where pork rinds come into play.

Pork rinds are the King of snacks for low-carb, carnivore people

We talked about pork rinds in a low-carb VLOG about two years ago – way back when we were still rambling for long-periods on “film.”

Much of what we talk about likely has remained the same.

But if you’re low on leftovers – and just need a quick re-fueling – it’s very important to keep a supply of pork rinds at all times. We try to have maybe 6-8 bags on hand always.

Frankly – our favorite tasting brand is from LIDL, but the recent “crisis” has made those a bit harder to get. We are okay with ALDI brand. But most brands will do, as long as they DO NOT list MSG as an ingredient. Many of the brands do, in fact, have MSG.

Almost always, we prefer the “spicy” versions – as the other ones are so lacking flavor – that you imagine eating a styrofoam coffee cup with a sprinkling of pork dust.

I can eat the spicy flavor right out of the bag. Just a few do the trick – and you put the bag away.

If you want to add more punch (and fat) to the deal – we recommend sticking them on a plate and throwing a heaping pile of full-fat shredded cheese on. Nuke them for 30 or so seconds and enjoy. It’s the only way we can eat the plain ones.

Literally zero-carb nachos in our opinion. And you don’t overeat either.

Other than leftovers or cheese, we cannot think of a better option.

Thankfully – these things are cheap as dirt still.

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