ShopRite of Bernardsville, NJ {quick review}

Today we check out another of the two-dozen ShopRite Supermarkets featured on And that is the ShopRite of Bernardsville, NJ.

Yes, it’s a bit far from Route 22 – but it’s still on one of the “major” offshoots that intersect with our beloved highway – Route 202.

This supermarket is 7 miles from Morristown and 13 miles from the Somerville Circle. See a map below for reference. Maps are fun.

Bernardsville is one of the smaller ShopRite Supermarkets

We can’t really say anything especially profound about this ShopRite Supermarket in Bernardsville – other than a few anecdotal observations.

This supermarket is part of the Village Markets corporation and is publicly-traded. See our ShopRite of Chester, NJ post to learn more about this public corporation.

One, it’s definitely one of the smaller, more cramped locations out of them all. Not to say that is so bad, but it gets tight during peak times.

The produce section is certainly tinier than others we’ve seen – but the inventory was adequate and fresh enough.

Limited supermarket options in Northern Somerset County

Another situation residents in this neck of the woods have to contend with – is the limited supermarket options. Not much going on within a 10-mile radius, that is for sure.

Kings Supermarkets has a significant presence around here, but they’re dramatically higher in price. There are also other independent health-food type markets, like Dean’s – but the selection is only fair.

You’d have to travel significantly to find better markets – such as Wegmans. That is where trip-combining is a smart option.

Rather limited shopping hours in Bernardsville

Yet another aspect that stands out about this ShopRite, are the relatively early closing hours.

They’re open from 7:30am to 9pm most days (closing 9:30pm on Fridays and 8pm on Sundays). Seems way too early, no?

But we suspect it was a business decision on those hours (little to no sales after 9pm). That’s a bit odd, considering the Stop & Shop Supermarket just three miles to the south is open till 11pm on most days. Who knows. Maybe there is a special city regulation in that business district (King’s across the street also closes at 9pm).

Overall – it’s still a ShopRite, and they have a fairly decent shopping card program that is accepted at all stores. We still find it interesting that there are noticeable differences between all these ShopRites. And it’s fun to find how they differ, and which ones we prefer over others.

Map and Phone: ShopRite of Bernardsville, NJ

Phone: (908)766-3129

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