The further west you go along the Route 22 area – the more likely you’ll find farm-like stands such as Old Mountain Farm in Lebanon, NJ. (They’re technically in Clinton Township, but their mailing address is Lebanon…)

Located at 1015 US HWY 22 East (see map below), they’ve been a go-to place for many items throughout the four seasons of the year.

From flowers, herbs, and vegetables in the spring, to pumpkins and mums in the fall – they have good stuff all the time.

We also like their selection of Christmas trees and wreaths come holiday season towards the end of the year.

Big improvements on the way

As far as we’ve observed – the Old Mountain Farm has always been a work in progress.

Since we can remember, the place may have a somewhat “disheveled” look to it upon first glance. However, anyone with an inquiring mind enough to park their car and check out what was going on – would find something different.

Old Mountain Farm is a very well run operation, despite the superficial appearance of a tent city.

They have quality products – and they do a great job curating a fantastic selection of products! Everything is well-organized by people who obviously have common sense, and customer service is very efficient (almost “no-nonsense.”)

We’ve never been disappointed with our experiences at Old Mountain Farm.

New Retail Store coming to Old Mountain Farm

A very nice new building has been taking shape over the past year or more. Just a few hundred feet to the west of their original “store.”

This new structure is massive compared to the old one.

However, for whatever reason(s), the process has been long and slow. We don’t mind, really – as sometimes it takes time to get things done. And done right.

The new space will be a welcome change for sure.

Other new changes coming at Old Mountain Farm

We don’t have the exact specifics yet – but Old Mountain Farm is expanding and re-shaping their business it appears to us.

Besides the new, more polished retail end of the operation – we hear they’re going to farm additional products for sale (besides pumpkins). They’re still working out what that might be.

Also – a new farmhouse is supposedly being built – which (we hear) can be used as an event space for parties and other gatherings, etc. They already have some events like Halloween Hayrides. We’ll try to get more information as we have the time.

Worth the trip

Even if you’re not in the immediate vicinity of Old Mountain Farm – it’s definitely worth the trip.

For one, this area of New Jersey is quite a bit less cluttered, frenetic, and crazy as the more densely-populated areas of the state. “A breath of fresh air” so to say. It’s nice to get out of dodge every now and then to see a more natural environment compared to the urban jungles out there.

And while you’re out in the sticks – you can make a day of it, checking out places like Clinton, NJ and even Frenchtown, NJ if you’re up to it. All you need is an adventurous spirit!

Old Mountain Farm
  • Value
  • Quality
  • Experience
  • Parking


Old Mountain Farm Hours:
Mon – Fri: 9am – 6pm
Sat: 9am – 6pm
Sun: 9am-5pm

Phone: 908-236-2604

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