Welcome to the March 2019 Edition of our NJroute22.com recap! (Looking forward to a nice spring!) Thankfully, we really only had one “plowable” snowfall this past winter. As much as we love snow – it was a welcome respite.

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With that out of the way, let’s take a look at some of the posts published March of 2019.

Some articles published on NJroute22.com in March 2019

  1. Traffic Changes (to 287 and 78): An update regarding the highway work at the Route 78 and Route 287 Exchange in the Bedminster, NJ and Bridgewater, NJ area.
  2. ShopRite-Wiki: We’re finally working on getting every ShopRite Supermarket cataloged. In March, we documented these: ShopRite of Stirling, NJShopRite of Montgomery, NJShopRite of Branchburg, NJ — and ShopRite of Flanders, NJ. Despite the similarities, there are also a few differences.
  3. Cost Plus how much?: We stopped in to Cost Plus World Market in Bridgewater, NJ. Does anyone else feel they’re a bit expensive?
  4. Aussie Puppies Grow: We contiue our new weekly feature – The Life of Two Australian Shepherds. Follow along as we document Aussies like a reality show!
  5. More Stores!: In addition to several ShopRite’s, we also opined about Kings of Bedminster, NJHarbor Freight Tools — as well as Tractor Supply Co.. Do you shop at any of those?
  6. Biggest: A few words about Unicom Global Science & Technology Park in Readington, NJ. The single largest piece of (occupied) property in Hunterdon County, NJ!
  7. Dry your hands: Paper towels could easily be considered boring. Not to us. We talk about the new Paper Towel Champ Lidl – and how Wegmans raises paper towel prices by 25% effectively. Paying attention isn’t for everyone, though.
  8. Libations: Many responsible adults can enjoy some alcohol. We chime in with some spirits, such as the best deal for Vodka in NJ for March – plus a more detailed review about Pinnacle Vodka. Also talk about Bon & Viv Seltzer – is it any good? Lastly – why do so many airline bottles litter roadsides everywhere?
  9. Keto, Low-Carb, and Carnivore: Continuing our educational Vlogs regarding healthy eating via low carb. Such as eating at restaurants, the one simple rule to abide by, what to do about kids and keto, as well as the feeling of missing out when you go low-carb or carnivore.
  10. Misc.: Rounding out the month – we had some tasty fun reviewing Market Pantry Bacon from Target. And share why it might not be worth the time to sweat the cost of gas in your car (especially if you’re thinking about EV’s.)

However, these are only some highlights of the previous month! You can see all the stories in chronological order by checking out the NJroute22.com blog format.

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