How to open a Creative D100 Bluetooth Speaker {VLOG}

How to open a Creative D100 Bluetooth Speaker {VLOG}

The Creative D100 Bluetooth Speaker was a popular little audio device 10 years ago. They sold tons of them! Nowadays, Bluetooth Speakers are ALL THE RAGE!

Why? Because everyone has Bluetooth now – and they love hearing their music. The quality of these speakers (from the higher-end models) is profound. Even the cheap models aren’t half bad.

But this Creative D100 is still an excellent value – you can buy it online for around $15.

We had something “stuck” in ours (thanks to our meddling kids!), and I wanted to get it out.

In today’s VLOG – we show you what we did to take it apart. Full transparency here, including our stupid mistakes! Our loss is your benefit! We took one for the team.

At least our speaker still works.

PS – the reason speakers like this still have value – is that they use ordinary batteries and DO NOT require special chargers. We wish more products were made this way today.


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