Bloating and Inflammation – how low carb helps you identify why

Bloating and Inflammation – how low carb helps you identify why {VLOG}

In this episode of the VLOG – we’ll talk about how being super low-carb or even carnivore can help you “self-identify” what is good or bad for you.

One of the easiest “tricks” is to pay attention to how you feel after eating certain foods. In that case, it is important that you’ve already been primarily low-carb or better yet, a carnivore person.

Give it a couple of months.

Then put something “back in your system” and note how it feels overall.

In our case, it is ANYTHING carb related. It could be fruits or veggies – which always make us feel slightly “uneasy.”

But the biggest impact is from wheat. Or flour.

We had some “catering” at a recent party for one of our lovely children. There were chicken fingers. Filet Mignon “Tips” (in a gravy that certainly had wheat flour), and other things. We tried to eat the low-carb ones – but the ingredients made us feel shitty.

In fact – we were bloated for days – including when we shot this video. We felt like crap!

This is why you need to practice food elimination. You begin to feel FIRST HAND how certain foods affect you individually. And anything with carbs (for us) is bad. But WHEAT-BASED carbs are the absolute worst – even in super limited quantities (i.e., one bite).

Remember – good salt is your friend!

Wanted to finish with the point that salt, or sodium, has often been blamed for the feeling of “bloated” or “inflammation.”

We sort of have to disagree.

Doing many experiments with sea salt and hangovers – we can truly say that it doesn’t make us “bloated” ever.

What has made us feel shitty – is the carbs – and most specifically flour or wheat-based carbohydrates. Like you wouldn’t believe. Days, if not WEEKS of bad impacts.

That is something you truly need to experience for yourself to truly comprehend. You can most definitely feel what is happening to your body.

And to think that we did this (voluntarily) to ourselves for DECADES is asinine!

The time to right this ship is TODAY.

Do it.

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