Aussies Week 25 – The destruction continues

Aussies Week 25 – The destruction continues {when will we win?}

Here is today’s episode of our weekly video series for on YouTube called The Life of Two Australian Shepherds that we adopted in January 2019.

Our Week 25 episode features more destructive behavior from our cute Aussie puppies. This time wrecking a cushion from a fancy chair we have.

If you leave them unattended for 10 minutes, you have a 50/50 chance of something going wrong when you get back.

We hope this phase will end soon enough once the dogs are more acclimated with the other pooches full-time.

We’ll be back next week for their 6-month anniversary (half birthday!) and another weigh-in (which we may curtail to less frequently than every four weeks).

Enjoy the Memorial Day Weekend ahead!

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